Here’s what I tell people when they ask me about claustrophobia in the float tanks.

“What if I’m claustrophobic?” they says to me.

The short answer is, you’re probably not.  Very few people who have true claustrophobia have had a negative experience.  For those who have been brave enough to try this have realized that our ocean float rooms are very spacious and have not had any issues.

Firstly, rest assured that you are in complete control of your environment.  Though the flotation experience is designed to be with the door to the tank shut and the interior lights off, you are certainly not required to do either.  Feel free to leave the lights on and shut your eyes, turn them off and leave the door open or anything else you please.  The whole point after all is to be comfortable.

So once when I was in Portland working at a float spot, we had a lady come in with serious claustrophobia who wanted to conquer it.  So we set her up in an Ocean Room (which has a much larger overhead space of 6ft) and watched her tackle the issue.  At first she wouldn’t last too long, maybe a half hour or so, with the door open and the light on, then eventually an hour with the door shut and the light on and after a few months of semi-regular visits, she would go the whole 90 minutes with the door shut and the lights off.  It was a pretty awesome experience watching this woman get out of the tank so stoked that she was making progress.  She really lit up.  I love seeing that.

In my experience, the vast majority of folks who are concerned about claustrophobia in the float tanks wind up in the dark faster than even they thought possible.  The float tanks are truly the most relaxing environment on planet Earth.  Come check it out.

Hakuna Matata ya’ll.  If anyone has any questions about the float tanks, the experience or otherwise, feel free to ask me via email.  Bryan@floatnorthcounty,com

Have you ever floated?

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What if I'm Claustrophobic?
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What if I'm Claustrophobic?
This article is a response when people ask me about claustrophobia and float tanks.
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