Imagine yourself stripped of your body ache, anxieties – just a weightless entity existing in a state of deep relaxation and peacefulness. Well, if this seems unachievable to you- try floating buoyantly  in water denser than the dead sea.  Floating is the 100% natural drug free pain relief tool that will surprise you.  100% Natural Pain relief Floating in warm water causes deep relaxations to your muscles and tissues which has an amazing effect on your nervous system.  Warm water when accompanied with Epsom salts added great benefits. Float tanks, commonly known as isolation tank or Sensory Deprivation tank, are used to rejuvenate and heal their bodies and minds from chronic pain, stress, increase creativity, and to just relax from day to day stresses. Epsom Salt, contrary to its name, is in fact, a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Epsom salt can easily be absorbed by the body causing pain relief and release stress. Floating in zero gravity causes your body to become weightless and as such there is no external pressure on it. The release of endorphins help to control and combat pain. Due to the weightlessness factor, it has been seen that most people have a reduced heart rate and blood pressure. Blood circulation improves significantly and this causes relief from joint and muscle aches and to those suffering from PTSD, Sleep Apnea, thus, repairing and rejuvenating the body quickly. Floating in a float tank or float pod is certainly one of the safest methods to reduce pain as it doesn’t require any contact pressure, body movement, and muscular action. The wonders of the Epsom salt  and pain relief have been well known for generations now. Some of its benefits include calming the nervous system, soothing back and joint aches, relieving inflammation and removing pain obtained from strenuous activities. While floating you are free from all external stimuli and can focus solely on yourself, attending to your breathe and relaxing removing all stresses.

Calms and soothes the mind

When we are stressed our adrenaline levels are very high. As a result, the magnesium in our body is easily depleted. Floating in warm water and Epsom Salt replenishes the magnesium in our body, thus producing serotonin, which acts as a mood-elevator.  Floating creates a deeply relaxed feeling, improves sleep and causes pain relief all over the body.

Pain relief from the body

Floating in warm water and Epsom salt helps to regulate the electrolytes in our body. This enhances the functioning of our muscles and nerves. Cramps due to the formation of lactic acid in our muscles are significantly reduced. So, if you wish to relieve yourself of all mental and bodily pains, stop in today. Find out how San Diegos Float North County can assist you in releasing pain and stress.

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Why Float?
The Connection between drug free pain relief and floating
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The Connection between drug free pain relief and floating
Find out how to eliminate pain caused by strenuous activities, accidents, and more without medication and completely naturally. Stop in to San Diego's premiere float studio and see how we can help you with your pain
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