Floating benefits, stress reduction for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and more


June, 2016

Stress Reduction

Most of us are in a perpetual race to get somewhere- a constant merry-go-round that leaves us feeling dizzy at the end.  Stress reduction is crucial today more than ever.

With several distractions vying for our attention, most of us succumb to some kind depression or general anxiety disorders (GAD). However, these days there are flotation spas that may come as a solution.

So, what is a flotation spa and how do they help? Flotation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks provide stillness of mind and healing of the body.  You have 2 options when floating with us, we have the float pod and the spacious ocean float rooms.  Both are filled with water and 1,400 pounds of epsom salt.  The epsom salt brings precious minerals that aid in physical restoration. Epsom salt in conjunction with sensory deprivation allows your mind to rest.

Flotation is indeed therapy

Flotation tanks or sensory isolation tanks, have emerged in many parts of Europe and America. These dedicated sensory isolation chambers allow you to seal off from the world to just rejuvenate.

Scientific Research proves that flotation therapy works

Research shows that due to constant stress and strain, our bodies by default, go into a flight-or-fight mode. This results in an increase in cortisol levels, ACTH, and epinephrine. We notice dramatic changes in many of our parasympathetic operations. An easy measurement to note is an increase in the heart rate, which is a prominent sign of anxiety.

Floating in complete darkness, deprived of all sensory input, gives our immune system time to recover.  Floating gives stress reduction without the added baggage of other external factors like gravity. Stress reduction is sought after to help aid in the small day to day, and large stresses.

Stress causes our serotonin and dopamine levels to spike up. While elevated levels of stress are somewhat beneficial,  prolonged levels can lead to anxiety. If our bodies stay in this mode for a long period of time high levels of oxidation occur. These prolonged levels of stress in turn produce free radicals that reduce healing.

“Floating in complete darkness, deprived of all sensory input, gives our immune system time to recover.”

Research conducted

An experiment conducted by Sweden’s Human Performance Laboratory at Karlstad University show that flotation has significant health benefits .

The researchers tested 65 people and segregated them into 2 groups.  one group was given flotation therapy whereas, the others were put on a waiting list as a control group.

The flotation therapy group saw significant stress reduction, increased energy, decreased anxiety and depression in comparison to the control group. This relief is equivalent to the relief that one feels when subjected to anti-depressant drugs and other GAD treatments. The follow up to the study found results last up to six months. (depression was not one ailment that did not last as long). The conclusion of the study warranted float therapy use alongside General anxiety disorder treatments.

Stress reduction conclusion

Since, flotation therapy mimics sleep, it allows the body to repair itself and remove toxins from the immune system. Also, flotation therapy allows the mind to reflect and practice mindfulness. This is essential in treating anxiety, depression and stress reduction. When free from distractions the mind can then resolve things that we’re stressed about.

If you or someone you know is stressed, depressed or prone to anxiety, give float therapy a shot. Floating could be the answer to your problems.

One thing to note is the habitual use of floating.  A great analogy to the effectiveness of sensory deprivation tanks is going to the gym.  No one is able to leave the gym after 1 session looking,  and feeling the way they want. Utilizing the gym takes determination and the consistent habit of showing up.  This goes hand in hand with floating, if you want to see positive health benefits as a result, you must continually allow your mind and body to relax.  We offer introduction packages to help in your goal of stress reduction, lowered anxiety, body aches and more.

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Floating benefits, stress reduction for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and more
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Floating benefits, stress reduction for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and more
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