I’ve discovered the wonders of floatation tanks, and my Life will never Be the same…seriously, it has been a *game changer* for me and my highly sensitive nervous system! 
Float sessions have become an integral aspect of my Self care practices, I’ve been going in for 90 minute floats weekly, when I’m in town~ and boy do I miss it when I’m traveling!

The reset that happens in my system is incredibly profound… in the zero gravity environment, suspended in a super saturated Epsom salt bath, my body gets to feel a level of support that is unparalleled~ literally every part of me feels held, enabling an indescribably delicious surrender, where there is no tug in any direction. In this space of complete release, the accumulated tension and stress effortlessly unravels and my nervous system is restored to it’s natural state of relaxed alertness. From here, awareness expands beyond the bounds of the body, to rest in the infinite space of dynamic stillness, where limited patterns of thought resolve back into Wholeness…

There’s so much I could say about the wide range of experiences that I have inside of these float chambers~ suffice it to say, it’s miraculous every time, and I want to spread the word to as many others as possible, and especially to my North County peeps, as this is an incredible resource to access more of the innate potential alive within your biological intelligence!

Which is why I’ve said Yes to becoming an ambassador for Float North County~ meaning, I get to share a special discount code for you to use towards your first float, to encourage you to try it!! All it takes is once to realize how delicious it is…so, I passionately encourage you to get your booties down to Solana Beach for a timeless dip into the Eternal within!

To book a Float click here.