Subtle Energies

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Benefits of Floating

Denise Bendl

Denise Bendl, MA will be offering Post-Float Hands on Healing sessions at Float North County starting in January, 2017. Denise is able to sense a person energy field using Psychometry (the practice of reading and sensing energy with one’s hands).

For those looking to release emotional and psychological issues, clear energies in the body, heal past relationships or traumas; or move to the next level of spiritual growth, Denise will meet with people just after their float in our open room.

I can say from experience that Denise uses a unique and gentle approach to facilitate real transformational healing.

The subtle forces of the universe are ever in motion vibrating with all of life. These subtle forces are energetic vibrations from the cosmos moving through our planet and moving through us. No different are the landscapes of the human energy field comprised of similar vibratory movement which govern our physical and energy bodies. These forces are wave-like in nature and systematically direct the flow of life force in the body. In ancient cultures, this life force is called Qi or Chi. In higher states of consciousness, these states are perceptible through awareness beyond the 5 physical senses. These higher states of perception activates our intuition which enables us to perceive reality beyond the material world.

Our intuition is a form of intelligence which provides information as wisdom from a higher state of knowing. Each of the energy centers in the body, also known as chakras, of which there are 7 main centers, holds this information about the individual and his history. Like a book, these centers reveal the underlying facets about the person from his life experiences and belief systems. These chakras can be gateways to higher states of perception achieved through advanced meditation, asanas, ancient rituals and practices and chanting. The sadhana or spiritual practice helps to discipline oneself to raise the vibration of the spiritual seeker. Each chakra corresponds to an accompanying layer of the energy field surrounding the physical body.

From the perspective of energetic movement, when there is a buildup of Chi in the energy body and a decrease in the energy flow in that part of the body, then an energy blockage usually results. Because our energy is interactive and responsive to internal and external stimuli, one is able to clear energy blockages in the body through healing modalities such as guided visualization, energy medicine such as acupuncture or acupressure, and sound healing. All of these energy based healing modalities are known as vibratory medicine. Through the use of specific vibratory stimuli, one is able to elicit a healing response in the body. Natural elements such as salt water, metals, crystals, herbs and flower essences also hold natural healing characteristics.

When one’s physical senses are deprived of outside stimuli as in the salt water floats, the body relaxes and the salt water as a healing element and purifier elicits a healing response in the physical body and energy body by suppressing the physical sense perceptions allowing us to move into a still and silent state of consciousness and awareness. Without realizing it, we are attuning to our higher nature as a spiritual being and not identifying with what we hear, see, taste, smell or touch in our physical reality. Our energy centers with the aid of the large amounts of salt water in the floats begin to clear and purify any energy blockages within the chakras and the body allowing for stored emotions, thought patterns, old belief systems to be discharged. The salt water floats help to release psychological and emotional trauma as it works imperceptibly at the levels of the energy where the traumas are first manifested.

While suspended in salt water during a float, one can bring their gentle awareness to an area of their body requiring healing, making an intention for the highest healing possible for that body part. One then relaxes and allows the salt water and the vibratory forces of the water to do the healing and purifying. When we are able to let go, relax and surrender to our higher nature as in the salt water floats, our higher spiritual awareness knows intuitively what it needs and receives this healing in the float. Openness, trust and relaxation are all that are needed in the float for healing to happen.

Individual healing sessions will be offered following the float for those individuals interested in taking their float experience to another level of healing. Following a float, the body has been made ready and receptive as it has been purified and clarified through the high concentrations of salt in the water. While holding space and bearing witness of your Higher Self integrating the higher frequencies in the energy and physical bodies, I assist by sharing with the individual what is happening on the various energetic and physical levels. The energy centers are receptive to new information and new vibrational energy as we shift and change, especially after a float. Energy work helps to integrate the new vibrational frequencies into the body through light touch, sound and movement within the energy meridians and chakras. Cellular renewal is about spiritual renewal within the larger framework of your energy field. The manifestation of cellular dis-ease is largely due to out of harmony of vibrations of thought and emotion that then became concentrated energy blockages within the physical structure.

Healing comes from deep within in our access and receptivity to Spirit working with us. Our hidden or subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and then subsequent emotions, are free to dislodge and discharge from our field in the face of new, harmonious energies resonating at the level of Truth and Wisdom within our Higher Self.

Within the float center, a room is specifically designated for these healings, allowing for the individual to move immediately from the float to the massage table. If you are interested in scheduling a healing session following your float, please let the front desk know this and a healing session will be scheduled.