The Float Recommendation Guide  FLOAT CHART 2017 PDF

One of the most frequent questions we receive from our new clients is “How often should I Float?”  The healing benefits from floating can be substantial and long lasting, especially when the client develops a float schedule to address the specific mental or physical challenge that brought them in to float in the first place.

Just like other health and wellness services such as acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy and naturopathic medicine, floating requires a committed series of initial visits to achieve maximum benefits. Float studies indicate that consistent sessions are the key to obtaining the kind of profound, well documented mental, emotional and physical benefits have to offer.

We developed a recommendation guide to help our clients address their specific needs or challenges (i.e., pain, stress, develop or deepen a meditation practice, athletic performance enhancement, anxiety, and so on) with an initial weekly program and an ongoing monthly maintenance schedule as an effective prevention measure.

Our long term clients initially came in to float because they were dealing with pain or stress and now months later are floating on a regular basis. They tell us that the benefits of consistent floating have been the very best prevention for recurring stress and pain. More exciting news . . .  just about everyone has told us that their float practice has grown into some form of a meaningful meditation practice, resulting in a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.

The recommended frequency of floats is a combination of feedback from our clients over the past 3 years, feedback from other float studio owners and our interpretation of results from float studies that have been conducted over the past.

Here is an excerpt from one such study:

Beneficial effects of treatment with sensory isolation in flotation-tank as a preventive health-care intervention – a randomized controlled pilot trial

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine The official journal of the International Society for Complementary Medicine Research (ISCMR) 201414:417 Published: 25 October 2014

Sixty-five participants (14 men and 51 women) who were all part of a cooperative-health project initiated by their individual companies, were randomized to either a wait-list control group or a flotation tank treatment group where they participated in a seven weeks flotation program with a total of twelve flotation sessions.

Many of the participants wrote comments, without being asked to do so, on their individual questionnaires. They continuously emphasized how their pain – which many of them had been having for many years – was practically gone after the 12-session flotation program. They mentioned further how they felt relaxed, slept better, and were over-all happier and healthier. Many of the participants had prior to the floating sessions been using a range of different methods to reduce pain, stress and other individual health issues. Medicines, yoga, massage, and physiotherapy were some of the treatments mentioned, and never had they so successfully been relieved from pain, tension, stress etc.

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