Float North County installs a New, Fourth Float Tank

Float North County is expanding its float services by installing a fourth float tank by the end of 2017. Manufactured by Superior Float Tanks, the new Deluxe Float Cabin is very large, big enough for two people at the same time. Similar in height to our Ocean Float rooms (seven feet tall), the Superior Deluxe tank is almost twice as wide at 6.6 feet wide. The actual dimensions of the Deluxe Float Cabin is 8′ in length; 6′ 6″ in width and 7′ in height.

“We are excited to see that so many people have taken to floating regularly and consistently over the past 12 months” says Glenn Stokoe, owner. “The popularity of floating led us to consider putting in another tank to meet demand. It has always been our mission to offer our clients the very best float experience and it starts by providing a diversity in tanks sizes. This Deluxe cabin will be ideal for those who want extra space to stretch out while floating. It will also be great for very tall people, or for those who want to float with a significant other. We are considering offering Couples Floats.”

Couple’s Floats
More and more we have been getting new clients asking us if there is a way to float with their spouse or significant other. This new tank is big enough for two people to float in the tank at the same time. For those new to floating and a bit reluctant, we think that having the opportunity to float with their significant other would be a great start to the float experience. In addition, there are others who would like to float next to their significant other as a way to bond on a deeper level through silence and stillness in the tank.

Float Tracks – Sounds and Lights in the Tank
Although floating is essentially about reducing sensory input, we have some clients who enjoy music or guided meditation in the tank. This new tank will feature a high quality sound system allowing for pre-selected music to be played during the float experience (for a portion or all of the float time). We will feature a library of sound / music choices called “Float Tracks”. The Float Tracks will provide the client with a number of different tracks to choose from, such as: binaural and isochronic sounds, meditation tracks, or ambient or nature sounds. In addition, the tank features a lighting controller too allow for a number of colors to light up the tank at the end of the float session.

Filtration and Sanitation

Our attention to sanitation starts with the best filtration system. Float North County has incorporated these high quality filtration systems in each of our tanks. The Superior Float Tank utilizes this same One Micron system.

The Micron Filtration System is able to filter particles from the water to 1 micron in size and are FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration). Standard competitor pool and spa filter cartridges only filter to 20-30 microns and require constant cleaning. This filter combined with UV, H202 and Ozone make for very sanitary water. Float North County will begin offering floats in this tank in late December