Filtration and Sanitation

Two critical factors that can determine a great float experience are the quality of the water and the quality of the Epsom Salt.

Here are some key points to note:

Filtered Water Source – To begin with a clean water source, we fill our rooms only with filtered water run through a 2 phase filtration system that removes harmful synthetic chemicals and chlorine present in all city waters.

Highest Grade Epsom Salt – We use USP Grade Epsom Salt, which is considered to be the cleanest and highest in quality pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt, per USP (United States Pharmacopeia Convention) standards. Because your skin regulates the absorption of Magnesium and Sulfate from the Epsom salt, the quality of these minerals is critical.

Then comes the filtration:

Powerful Filtration – Starting out with a good source of water, our next priority is the maintenance of the quality between floats. There are several factors that contribute to thorough cleaning of our water and they are as follows:

High Salt Effect – 40% Epsom salt solution of our tanks kills almost all pathogenic organisms. Any that survive are eliminated through the next two stages of filtration and disinfection – particle filtration & Advanced UV Oxidization.

NSF certified 10 micron particle filter – Removes all particulates (an average grain of beach sand is 1,000 microns!).

Advanced UV Oxidization – A combination of strong UV light and hydrogen peroxide combine to destroy any remaining contaminants and effectively disinfects the water.

Hydrogen peroxide, in conjunction with UV, is steadily becoming the preferred method of filtration for water treatment facilities across the world, including our neighboring city of Orange County, which is using this system to turn waste water into drinkable water city wide.
Skimmer – Collects and removes excess oils from the water.

Three Complete Filtration Cycles:

Our water runs through 3 complete cycles of filtration between each float, passing through each of the processes listed above to provide the most sanitized water. We also conduct regular testing of our waters to ensure the effectiveness of our filtration.