Floating at our Studio

Enjoy a relaxed, comfortable environment in one of our float rooms


Floating is a practice where you enter into a large float tank that contains 11″ of water and over 1,100 lbs. of dissolved Epsom salts; allowing you to float effortlessly with your face out of the water. The water is heated to the same temperature as the surface of your skin so once you settle in and relax it becomes difficult to feel the water anymore. Floating in the tank, with no light (you can choose to turn the light off) or sound, is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to elicit the body’s deep relaxation response and activate its own system for recuperation, recovery and healing.


1. BEGIN – Sign up in our Booking System to get started HERE

2. BOOK – Choose a day and time that fits your schedule

3. ARRIVE – Come in about 15 minutes before your scheduled float so we can introduce you to floating and our studio

4. FLOAT – After the pre-float introduction, you shower, get into the tank and enjoy your experience

5. GLOW – After your float, shower, change, and join us in the chill room for tea and reflection.  Share your experience, and bask in the post float glow

At Float North County, we are committed to a stress-free experience. Our friendly staff will ensure you have the best float experience. We brought together some of the best float tanks in the industry and placed them in a uniquely calm, inviting and inspiring environment.