Get ready for

The Summer Float Challenge.

Float 3 times in August and earn a free float.

But wait. It gets better.
Float 4 times in August and be entered to win 8 more!
That’s right. We’re giving away an 8 pack to one lucky client.

Why Wait?

Choose from these options.

Single Float
Take a 90 minute vacation
Per session
New Client 3 Pack
Perfect for the challenge.

Per session.


New Tiered Memberships.


Per session/month

Think the beach is perfect?

Float before you hit the sand and improve on perfection!

Wanderlust much?

Floating has been known to combat the effects of jet lag.  Not traveling anywhere?  Take a 90 minute vacation from reality in one of our 3 tanks.

Going out?

Floating heightens your senses by temporarily starving them first.  When you emerge from the tank your senses are ready to consume everything around them.  Researchers call this stimulus hunger and it’s why people report an increased clarity and intensity of the world around them after floating.

Begins in








“Being inside the tank is the closest you can get to floating in outer space.  You can even go to the moon and back without ever leaving the building.  What are you waiting for!?  Sign up today!”