Corporate Wellness Programs


Floatation Therapy for Corporate Wellness

Floatation therapy is often thought of as a stress and pain relieving solution for athletes, and creative individuals, but there are really no limits as to who can benefit from it. Businesspeople are finding floatation therapy to be increasingly beneficial in the corporate environment, as it decreases stress substantially, and enhances productivity in a safe, healthy manner.

Why Floating?

With over 40 years of clinical studies around floating, it is shown that as little as 60 minutes in a float tank substantially reduces stress hormones (Cortisol and Adrenaline) while simultaneously elevating Endorphins and Dopamine (the brain’s happy neurotransmitters). People float to reduce stress and chronic pain, reduce anxiety and depression and enhance learning (with nothing to distract you, the level of concentration and knowledge absorption is remarkable).

Employee Benefits:

  • Reduces Stress levels – Deep Relaxation
  • Soothes Back Pain, Migraines, and chronic pain
  • Enhances Creativity and Problem Solving: Reducing Sensory input allows the brain to access better problem solving for increased productivity. Employees are more productive when not dealing with stress, anxiety, injury or illness

Company Benefits:

  • A Wellness Program targeting stress for your employees increases loyalty and decreases absenteeism.
  • Lowers the company’s Health Care costs.
  • Improves employee morale . . . employees work better together when not under stress.
  • Creates a more balanced and happy workplace!
  • Improves retention and a healthy work environment. Company sponsored workplace wellness programs send a clear message to employees that management values their well-being.

    Float North County’s Corporate Wellness Program provides businesses an opportunity to educate their employees on the many benefits of Floating through onsite presentation and float materials. For more information on Float North County’s Corporate Wellness program call us at 858-925-6069 or go to

Corporate Float package (minimum of 12 float package)
The least expensive way to purchase floats for your employees or clients. The floats are just $45 each.

Share the cost Option
Split the cost with your employees. The employee pays 50% of the $65 single float price ($32.50) and the company picks up the other half. Call for more information.