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“I feel so rejuvenated! Floating just keeps getting better in so many ways . . .”

Welcome to floating . . .

a transformative wellness practice providing deep relaxation and stress-reduction, rejuvenation and pain management. Immerse yourself in the warm, buoyant water in one of our state-of-the-art, spacious float rooms. Here you will be free from the chaotic world; allowing you to disconnect from every concern, every issue and every worry.

Feel your spine decompress, removed from the oppressive force of gravity and your internal organs start the process of deep detoxification. Notice your breath, heart rate and brain waves begin to slow down as you drift off into a deep theta state, very much like a lucid dream.

Begin a journey of self-discovery and experience a natural euphoria that will forever change your life.

Call us today, a lifetime of self-discovery begins with a single float.

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“After floating we seem to perceive the world with startling directness, richness and clarity. And whatever the spiritual value of this kind of perception, we know immediately this is worth having simply because it feels so good.”

— Michael Hutchinson, The Book of Floating.

Client Testimonials

Ask the the people in our float community.  Floating provides a distraction-free environment to disconnect, recover and refresh the body, mind and spirit.  Floating spreads into all areas of life including health, personal development, spirituality and well-being. Don’t just take our word for it, read what our community has to say about the benefits of floating on a regular basis. Join our float studio and feel the benefits for your self.

“Floating should be a regular part of anyone’s training and fitness plan.”;">

After the five-and-a-half hour Superfrog 70.3 mile triathlon, I decided to try floating for the first time. My muscles were sore and very tight. After just sixty minutes in the float tank, I could tell that the combination of the Epsom salt and the gravity-free environment had stopped lactic acid from building up. The next day, my muscles were free from post-race soreness and my mind was clear and calm. I would say that floating is by far the best form of recovery I have tried. I think that floating should be a regular part of anyone’s training and fitness plan–it will certainly be in my plan now.

Jeff Watts


“My pain was cut back by 80%”;">

I suffer from fibromyalgia and live in constant pain and stiffness. I don’t sleep more than five to six hours at a time–and that’s with help from medications. Before taking meds, I was lucky to sleep more than two hours at a time. After my first float, I slept 12 hours that night! Also, my pain was cut back by about 80% for 36 hours or so. I get regular massages and occasional acupuncture, but nothing has given me instant relief like floating!

Cheri E.

San Diego

We encourage you to share your story so that we can all learn more and continue to build awareness of the wonderful benefits of floating.



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