Pre-Float Practices

First time? Need some pointers? Let us help you improve your experience.

Here is an ever expanding list of tips and tricks to optimize your float practice.


For men, avoid shaving your face at least 6 hours before you float. For women, avoid shaving your body at least 12 hours before your float. Any lesions will be distracting due to the Epsom salt sting. We provide you with Vaseline to cover any minor cuts.


Being hydrated is always an important component to a healthy lifestyle. Be hydrated prior to your float.


Smoking just prior to the tank may be too much of a stimulant so try to avoid that. There have been studies that show floating, even irregularly, has been known to suppress cravings. However, you’ll need to figure out what the best formula is for you and your biochemistry.

Yoga, cardio, and other activities before you float

We have found performing physical activity before you float greatly enhances the floating experience. Your body has expended pent-up energy, muscles and tissues are looking to repair themselves (a process greatly facilitated by the float tank) and your mind is clear and calm. This can help to create a potentially deeper state of meditation. Be sure to have a little snack post-activity and pre-float.  Nuts, fruit, juice, or smoothies are good options.  It is highly likely that you will be hungry once you get out (and the joy of eating is greatly enhanced by heightened taste bud sensitivity post float) so the trick here is to eat just enough before you float to prevent you from dreaming about food in the tank.  Nothing against burrito dreams, but they can be a bit distracting during your float.


Your breath can be an amazing tool for focusing, calming the mind, especially relaxing the body.  Start by breathing through your nose and just observing the breath, don’t try to control it. This will help to quiet the chatter in the mind and allow you to really relax.


It is best to not have a full stomach or a completely empty stomach. Have a meal that is easier to digest approximately 2 hours before your float.


Be sure to use the restroom prior to showering, before you float.


Definitely avoid having caffeine before you float.  The caffeine will stimulate your body and mind affecting your ability to relax and get the best out of the float experience. After your float you might be inclined to avoid the caffeine buzz altogether.

Positioning in the isolation tank

When considering your position in the tank there should be three points in the forefront of your approach, Comfort, Body Awareness and Trust.  Settle in to the tank, get comfortable, feel your muscles relax, your body slowly expand with each breath and trust the water to support your every cell.  There is no wrong way to float!  We cannot stress that enough.  That being said, there are generally two default positions that people go with.  One is arms above your head, palms up and the other is arms at your sides palms down.  Again, these are not set in stone and the most important factor here is to be comfortable.  Feel free to experiment.  So if for you that means keeping your palms intertwined behind your head as if you were in a hammock, or possibly on your chest the way one might float in a pool in Palm springs, then great.  Go for it.  Just do you. Who’s gonna stop you?

You’re going to bounce off the sides of the tank a little bit until you get the hang of it, no worries.  Just don’t push yourself too hard off the sides or do much to get the water moving.  The less the water moves, the easier it is to control your positioning.  The easiest way to stabilize yourself is to brace yourself against the walls by extending your arms and legs to four points and slowly releasing them.

Letting Go

Don’t “try to do” anything in the tank.  Don’t expect anything other than feeling really, really, really good afterwards.  Let go of all preconceptions of what you think the experience will be and just enjoy the ride.  You’ll find it much easier to enjoy the scenery your mind presents to you rather than the other way around.  If that doesn’t make sense now, it will in the tank.