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I’ve discovered the wonders of floatation tanks, and my Life will never Be the same…seriously, it has been a *game changer* for me and my highly sensitive nervous system! ~Amber Hartnell

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A Busy Executive’s Reasons for Floating Once a Week

Eric Basu is CEO of Sentek Corp. Eric talks about how a once-a-week float practice greatly helps him to reduce stress, provide clarity of thought and problem solve for his business; and provide him with deep relaxation.

Unplug, Experience Equanimity, with Better Sleep

Jaquelin has been coming at least once a week for a year. Hear her speak of completely de-stressing and disconnecting from a busy mind and finding quiet and peace in the float tank as well as a deep unwinding and release of trauma from her body.

Pain Relief and a Deeper Connection with Myself

Betsy encourages everyone to float and why there is no reason to be afraid of the tank! She also talks speaks to how floating reduces pain and helps with body alignment.

Floating – the Launching Pad to Creativity and Problem Solving

Daniel (a music composer) talks about his highly visual float experience and how his creativity was sparked leading to several new, original music scores in the tank.

“Floating should be a regular part of anyone’s training and fitness plan.”


After the five-and-a-half hour Superfrog 70.3 mile triathlon, I decided to try floating for the first time. My muscles were sore and very tight. After just sixty minutes in the float tank, I could tell that the combination of the Epsom salt and the gravity-free environment had stopped lactic acid from building up. The next day, my muscles were free from post-race soreness and my mind was clear and calm. I would say that floating is by far the best form of recovery I have tried. I think that floating should be a regular part of anyone’s training and fitness plan–it will certainly be in my plan now.

Jeff Watts


“My pain was cut back by 80%”


I suffer from fibromyalgia and live in constant pain and stiffness. I don’t sleep more than five to six hours at a time–and that’s with help from medications. Before taking meds, I was lucky to sleep more than two hours at a time. After my first float, I slept 12 hours that night! Also, my pain was cut back by about 80% for 36 hours or so. I get regular massages and occasional acupuncture, but nothing has given me instant relief like floating!

Cheri E.

San Diego

“Floating is not a claustrophobic experience!”


I just floated for the first time–it will not be my last! I look forward to going again. I was apprehensive at first (I can get claustrophobic) but I completely relaxed once I saw the size of the float tanks, and then after getting in I realized that the experience was one of floating and not of being confined. It is a very cool facility, the whole experience was surreal and relaxing…my body and mind were at peace in a way I’ve not experienced in a very long time. I purchased a membership when I was there, so I will be a regular… Highly recommended!

Bill Ford


“After three floats, I learned to meditate”


I had every conceivable objection and anticipation going in to my first float. I was concerned I would feel too enclosed and claustrophobic; I couldn’t imagine lying in water for 60 minutes without anything to do, and I was nervous because I didn’t know would happen. But I really wanted to feel the benefits! I made a commitment to myself to float until I “got it.” Every float got better and, as I learned to relax, my busy mind began to quiet. This was the best part…I relaxed more and it has begun to flow over into my life! I am addicted to the relaxed feeling and I am learning to meditate! It is wonderful! I would recommend that you just do it…keep doing it, and you will love it too!

Lee Hughes